This is why you should clean your room every day, especially before you go to sleep

Having ample amount of sleep is essential to human beings, most especially to children. Sleeping provides a soothing effect to the body and enables children to be more energetic when they wake up and face the world.

However, parents should check the bedroom where their children sleeps so that there are no insects or other things that can harm the health of the kids.

No other child should experience the same thing that happened to this anonymous child featured in a video that has circulated on Facebook.

It was said that the child in the video first started complaining that something was moving inside his ear after he slept for quite some time in his own bed.

In order to find out what was bothering the child, the parents used a certain chemical and dropped a few drops into the child’s ear. At first, nothing came out, but because the poor child continued to complain, they poured more drops in his ear.

Finally, something unexpected came out from his ear!

A small centipede which was brownish in color came out and everyone who were in the room were really shocked. It was a good thing that the parents did take the complains of the child for granted. Something worse might have happened if the centipede was not taken out immediately.

This experience should serve as a lesson to other parents out there to always take extra caution when putting children to sleep and making sure that the bed they sleep in is safe.