The woman screamed because her right leg was bitten by the polar bear at the zoo, the other tourists shouted: Let her go

When a tourist ventures too close to a polar bear cage at the zoo in Alaska, disaster follows as the bear plunges his canines directly deep into her leg.

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The recently episode has attracted regards of many people because of the scene of female tourist being bitten by a polar bear at the zoo in Alaska. Most of them were surprised with the bear’s actions, why did it do that?

Let’s check it out there:

According to the victim, she wanted to take clear photos of the polar bear, then climbed out of the fence to approach to the bear’s main cage, which seemed to be 5 feets far from the cage.

Suddenly the bear stretched its arm through her right leg, then pulled her tightly toward its cage and used its mouth to keep her in the air.

You can see its so sharp teeth bitting her thigh.

Many people nearby ran fastly to help her, they used the branches to hit onto the bear’s head. Other tourists shouted loudly: “Let her go”. It was fortunate, the bear accepted to set her free. The first-aid for her was immediately conducted.

The main victim attacked by the polar bear at the zoo is still alive and told her accident to the Animal Planet TV.

After the first-aid, she was taken to the hospital nearby. According to the doctor, she was just broken her bones and had any strong injuries.

Thanks God, the polar bear just took her shoes.