Test : What did you see for the first time: a man or a woman?


A simple test will help anyone to know the near future. Each person has inherent components of a masculine and feminine character. This test uses access to information through the subconscious.

Below you will see a picture.

Take a close look at her and remember the face of the man or woman you saw first. Only after that you can consider the picture with all its components.

Further, depending on what you saw in the first seconds of contemplation, it is necessary to read your prediction.

1. If the first thing that caught your eye was the face of a girl.

In the near future, events in our lives will change for the better. Suddenly, help will come from another person, and not necessarily it will be your good suddenly. With high probability it may be a new friend or a person from the distant past.

Minor turmoil that irritated, took away your strength recently dissolve like the morning mist.

For you will be successful initiatives in any industry. Everything will turn out well.

Pay attention to spend time near any body of water. Your life is now more saturated with the energy of the feminine. To strengthen its excellent power of water.

2. If the first thing that caught your eye was the guy’s face.

You can rejoice, in your life comes a period of harmony and peace. Small adversities and conflicts will be left behind. If you have a regular partner in your life, a husband, from today relations will improve. Union every day will become stronger. Provided that this is the person with whom you must live happily ever after, because he is meant for you.

For those who are actively searching, fortune promises in a short time – you will meet a person who is meant for you with destiny. But you will also need some activity. Be sure to go out in people, expand the circle of friends, learn to communicate.

In general terms, you now have a period of positive change. The elements of fire are responsible for it. Try to spend time near this element, light candles, look at fires, fire in the fireplace.