Smart thief breaks house window that leads to an open garage

Nowadays, the number of robberies has alarmingly risen and its as if these thieves no longer fear the law and the authorities… so, they perform these crimes even in the middle of the day. Because of this, homeowners also try their best to make their homes as secure as possible.

This particular home owner somehow had the most clever idea when it comes to setting a ‘trap’ for possible burglars and thieves.

In a video uploaded by a Facebook user named Gery Rodney Prince, a man wearing black pants and a hooded jacket was first seen outside a house. It looks as if the man was trying to look out for possible witnesses as he tried to open the window of a house by force.

The window, which was white in color, seemed like the perfect passageway for a thief in order to penetrate the house. The man who was wearing black all over tried to open the window several times.

His first few failed attempts did not stop him from doing what he originally planned. Although the window seemed unable to be opened at first, it finally gave in after a few more tries and a little force by the thief. He went in to carry out his evil plan.

However, it turns out that the window was not really something that will enable a person to penetrate inside the house. In fact, it was just a trap!

The window leaded to a space which paves the way to the real house.

Well, the thief surely didn’t realize it was just a trick.

So, to all homeowners out there, better try out this one too so that you can never be a victim of theft inside your own house.