Shocking moment cruel kindergarten teacher violently pushes a little girl before pulling a chair from under her deliberately

A kindergarten teacher has sparked outrage online in China after she was filmed pushing one of her pupils and pulling out a chair from under her.

Shocking video footage shows the teacher shoving the student back to her seat after the girl was seen chatting to her friends at another table.

It appears that the instructor was trying to punish the ‘disruptive’ student as she did not return to her assigned seat.

Then, as the little girl was sitting down, the impatient teacher suddenly reached over and yanked the chair out from under her in front of all the students.

The girl fell hard on her bottom, but was able to stand up quickly.

The teacher then threw the plastic chair to the other side of the table.

Chinese net users, most of them parents themselves, are shocked by the teacher’s ruthless conduct.

‘This teacher should be sacked! Even if you are having a bad day, you must not take it out on the children,’ said one.

‘Poor little girl! She did not deserve this harsh treatment. It seems that she did nothing wrong at all,’ said another.

The name of the school and where it is located in China have yet to be disclosed.