Security Tape Reveals Dogs Helping Toddler Escape Room For Snacks

If you have a golden retriever in your life, you realize exactly how much they love treats. Of course, many dogs love treats but it just seems like golden retrievers have an absolute infatuation with them. That is the case with Bleu and Colby, two golden retrievers that not only love snacks, they also have a brilliant way of getting them. Since this video was posted online, it has racked up millions of views because of their underhanded deed.

Their human sister, Chloe, is only 15 months old but they are as thick as thieves. The pups figured out at an early age that Chloe is quite generous when it comes to snacks. They would even hide out under her high chair every night so that they can get everything that hits the floor. More recently, she has been able to reach into their food bin so she gets them kibble and drops it down for them.

Many of us are familiar with the breakfast time routine that comes with owning a dog. For this duo, they go hunting for food if they haven’t been fed by 6 AM. They would even sneak into Chloe’s room and wake her up in the morning and when they do so, she would be at their beck and call.

Nina, Chloe’s mom, was surprised to find her daughter out of her room in the hallway one morning. She isn’t big enough to open the bedroom door so a video camera was set up to find out what was actually taking place. When they saw the footage, they couldn’t help but laugh, and I’m sure you will too.

It seems as if they have quite a crime spree going on. It is coming to a quick end, however, because lockdown is going to be a little bit tighter from this point forward.

Meet Bleu and Colby, AKA the ‘Cheese Patrol’

Their human sister Chloe was born 15 months ago. They love her like crazy!

“They are extremely gentle with her, Bleu especially.”

“Colby gets a bit excited sometimes, you can see he’s the one that goes right to her face and licks.”

They have been friends for a long time but recently, the dogs have found out that Chloe is very generous with the snacks.

“Colby parks himself under Chloe’s high chair every night.”

Chloe’s mom found her wandering in the hallway one morning.

She knew that her daughter wasn’t big enough to open the bedroom door on her own.

They set up a video camera and watched the footage.

They saw something that took them by surprise!