Nervous 5-yr-old meets dying great-grandma, leaves her dad in tears when she opens her mouth

Her great-grandmother, who lives in London, was diagnosed with dementia, so the meetings wouldn’t be so fortunate for the little one.

Understandably, it’s difficult to witness our loved ones sick… Sophie’s parents were worried and unsure as to how both of them would react.

Children can be unpredictable and Sophie’s parents weren’t sure how she would react when she met her great-grandmother Breda, but despite the distance, the two clearly had a unique bond.

Sophie went straight to Breda without any hesitation and started to sing a special song in their family “You Are My Sunshine” as she cuddled up to her.

Emotional Breda was full of adoring smiles for her great-granddaughter.

Sophie’s mother described the meeting as “wonderful” as her daughter strokes Breda’s face while she sings.

Sarak remarks “We were worried (Sophie) would be scared… but she wasn’t. She was sitting up, rubbing her face, singing songs to her and chatting away… she loved it.”

You can see this precious moment where Sophies sings to Breda in the video below.