Her Cat Learned How To Break Into The Room But She Didn’t Mind When She Saw Why

There is no doubt that cats are some of the most amazing creatures on the face of the earth. They are also very resourceful and quite smart! If you have a cat in your family, you are already aware that their intelligence can sometimes get something over on you. Of course, we love our cats and we would never think of staying angry with them for long. Even when they do something that we consider to be wrong, there is sometimes something behind it that makes it just right.

The cat in this video surprised his owners when he was able to get into another room, even though the door was closed. He did so by holding his paw up on the doorknob and before you know it, the door was open and he was able to get into the other room. This may have been frustrating to the homeowner but when she discovered why he was doing it, her heart melted.

You see, they had foster kittens in the room and this cat absolutely adores kittens. He teaches them how to groom themselves and to get along in life. Quite honestly, we could all use a little bit of that guidance whenever we are younger. Fortunately, we get to see it all in action. Watch this video and your heart just may melt as well: