Ferret shows human her babies

If ferrets are tamed, they also will become lovely pets.

Ferrets are an omnivorous animal that eat plants and animals. They like to eat fruit, insects, , reptiles and rodents. The ferrets are small in size. They are only 20-48cm long and weigh more than 6kg.

In the breeding season, ferret has 7- 10 weeks pregnant and the birth from 2- 10 kits. The ferrets often live in the wild, specially in tropical forests. However, if they are tamed, ferrets also will become lovely pets.

Recently, a short video was posted that attracted many views and positive feedback from the public. In the video, the mother ferret constantly bites into the owner’s hand to show him the newborn kit.

The ferret bites into the owner’s hand to show him the kit

The mother ferret firmly pulls the owner’s hand towards its nest

She wants to show her newborn kits

The kits did not even open their eyes

The pretty ferrets were in a warm nest

Whenever the owner pulls out his hand, the mother ferret pulls back into the nest