After a year in hospital these conjoined twins are finally going home to sleep in separate beds

Abby and Erin Delaney are conjoined twins who have already been through an amazing ordeal during their short lives. The twins have spent the first 485 days of their existence at the same location.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has been their home now and they have finally received the discharge that their family has been waiting for.

Their mother, Heather, has referred to the girls as an inspiration. Their father Riley is also relieved to finally be bringing the girls back home.

These girls still have obstacles to overcome but everyone is excited to find out exactly what the future holds for them. Heather found out that the twins were conjoined at the 11 week mark of her pregnancy and she never looked back.

This news came as a shock to the couple but they were willing to take on the responsibility of bringing these girls into the world.

Their birth was predicted to be problematic because of the fact that they are conjoined at the head. Twins who are conjoined at the head often experience additional problems because they are sharing brain tissue.

The doctors had a tough task when it came to separating the two girls. While Abby would not be able to retain an equal amount of the sinus, the medical personnel on hand were still confident that the girls could enjoy a happy and healthy existence.

The younger the children are, the more likely they are to experience a rapid healing process.

The surgical process was a complex one and there were at least 30 medical staff members involved. The procedure took 11 hours and there were complications.

Now, the girls are focused on all of the milestones that they still need to achieve. They are crawling, rolling over and even being carried separately by their parents now.

They continue to progress more and more on a daily basis and their parents believe that they are going to be able to make it through the hard times that lie ahead.

After all, these girls have already displayed a sizable amount of resilience. Those who wish to help this family during these trying times are invited to visit their Go Fund Me page so that they can offer a donation.

If you would like to learn more about this family’s amazing story and what lies ahead, be sure to check out this awesome video below and pass it along to your friends and loved ones!