12-Yr-old girl will be buried alongside the dog she tried to save from oncoming traffic

There’s nothing like the love that is shared between a pet and its owner. Many parents try to teach their children how to use caution, especially when crossing the road, but there isn’t a lot that can be done when pets decide to run onto a busy street.

Publicată de Tabby Goodbar pe Duminică, 28 octombrie 2018

For most people, they look both ways before crossing the road. They don’t chase balls into the road. The situation is examined before walking in front of a car.

Toys that go to the road can be replaced, but pets can’t. When someone sees a pet running into the road, just like a 12-year-old girl saw, it’s often natural to try to save the pet.

Jennarae Goodbar was trying to train her dog in her front yard. Cash was attempting to listen to the commands that were being given. The young girl had started a fundraiser to get money for her dog because she liked hunting and wanted to take him with her.

While Jennarae was outside with Cash, something scared him to make him run off. Unfortunately, he ran in the direction of the busy highway. Jennarae ran after him. Not seeing the pair soon enough, a car hit the dog and the girl. Both of them died.

Officers are investigating, but it doesn’t bring back the family’s young daughter or her dog. Jennarae will be buried with Cash. A fundraiser has been established to help with funeral expenses.

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