109-Year-Old Woman Says Avoiding Men Is The Secret To A Long Life.

Shocking, isn’t it? In this world of gender inclusion in almost every field, this puts everything in a loop. But no one is judging, for everyone has their own secrets with which they live by.

Some people tend to live longer owing to their natural climate, like in Japan, while some live a long life because of their approach to life. Here is a woman, Jesse Gallan, who died in 2015, aged 109, who spilt the secrets to her near-immortality: – Avoiding men.

Time for everyone to snort in their cups. Hilarious while it may be, it is true. This woman was born in 1906 in a small village in Scotland. Needless to say, her childhood wasn’t spent being mollycoddled by butlers at her beck and call.

Sadly, she could only attend school for quite a short period of time, when she was called to work in the kitchen. It should be mentioned that she, along with her entire family that comprised of a large number of siblings, slept on a straw mat which they put on their floors. Staying grounded, eh?

Later, she became the housemaid of a rich businessman in the city, and after some time, joined the service sector where she served for the most part of her adult life.

But, the most interesting journey of her life came after she reached old age. She moved into an Old age home called “Crosby House”. Here, she has been mentioned as someone who would indulge in a lot of activities with her gal pals, while also spending her time resting and looking at the evening sun as it set behind the valleys.

Avoiding men

What she didn’t do was mix in with the male population. She might have included them in her conversation or might have worked along with them at some point in her life.

She never decided, or had the thought to get attached with them physically or mentally. And looks like it has served her cause! She lived for 109, while others turned into ash.

What else though? She couldn’t survive just by avoiding men now, could she? Well, she also loved porridge and maintained that diet for almost her entire life. She also worked out and maintained a very excitable lifestyle with her friends and the residential house remembers her with fondness as she moved into the afterlife.

It would be too much of blasphemy to pick out her answer as anything more than just a humorous take on the question itself. But the understanding running underneath cannot be missed. One’s way of living and the roads they take do guide their lives.

So, will you take her advice and start avoiding men?