″ Poison in your head ″. Parable about how not to create problems for yourself


In ancient China, a girl who was married, lived in the house of her husband, and served him and his mother.

It so happened that one girl after the wedding had to constantly listen to the unfair reproaches of her mother-in-law. One day she was in despair, and she decided to get rid of her. The girl went to the herbalist, who was a friend of her father. She complained to him:

“I can no longer live with my mother-in-law.” She’s driving me crazy. could you help me? I will pay well.

– What can I do for you? – asked herbalist.

– Sell me poison. “I will poison my mother-in-law and all my problems will disappear,” she answered.

After much deliberation, the herbalist said:

– Ok, I’ll help you. But you have to understand two things. First, you cannot poison the mother-in-law at once, because people will guess what happened. I will give you herbs that will gradually kill her, and no one will understand that she was poisoned.

Secondly, to completely avoid any suspicion, you must tame your anger, learn to respect it, love it, listen and be patient. Then no one will suspect you when she dies.

The girl agreed to everything, took the herbs and began to gradually add them to her mother-in-law’s food. In addition, she tried to control herself, listen to her mother-in-law and respect her. When she saw how the daughter-in-law’s attitude to her changed, she loved the girl with all her heart.

She told everyone that her daughter-in-law was the best, one that we could only dream of. Six months later, the relationship between them became close, as between a blood mother and daughter. Then one day the girl came to the herbalist and prayed:

“For God’s sake, please save my mother-in-law from the poison I gave her.” I do not want to kill her. She has become the most beautiful mother-in-law, and I love her.

Travnik smiled and answered:

– Do not worry, I did not give you any poison. These were ordinary spices. The poison was only in your head, and you yourself got rid of him.

We are what we think. Remember this!